“Ach tari ( what’s going on)” program is a new gate that takes you in a tour around the world to discover what’s new in the artistic arena, a daily meeting that unveils the secrets of the Stars; Arab and global, its slogan is exclusivity and credibility in the investigation of the news.

“ACH TARI” Is a way for new viewers to keep up with the Seven Arts, as it transfers to them the latest developments in the gold and silver screen and theatrical presentations, as well as being a way to cope with the new world of music in different genres with modern or classic to foreign.

“ACH TARI” in addition to what has already been mentioned makes time for the latest trends of fashion and beauty, and keeps the viewers updated on their favorite stars, as well as rising young professionals in an effort to satisfy the different tastes, which in turn reflects the spirit of the young crew led by the lively and positive energy.


  1. Hanane says:

    سلام تبارك الله عليك اختي ولكن مكرهناش نشوفوك كتهدري على اخبار الفنان اهاب امير شكرا


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