C’ma vie

C’ma vie
Hey yes the stars are not that assisted, they know how to live simply, as us, on a daily basis.
It my life accompanies the stars in their daily life, this broadcast(emission,issue) is a total dumping in the life of the stars.
To play Play, to cycle, family time, intimate moments when the stars share with their fan through the broadcast(emission,issue) it my life.
It my life it is also a lesson of life.
How did our stars succeed?
Perseverance.They communicate their passion, their secret, their life simply with their fans.
Salma Omari suggests you discovering in every episode a personality under a new angle. His(her,its) knocks of heart, its habits, his(her,its) whims, his(her,its) places idols …
With It my life; we discover the secrets of the stars even those whom they tend to hide


  1. Ghazi says:

    اريد اعادة حلقة المرحومة وئام دحماني من فضلكم


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