The Kotbi tonight

The Kotbi tonight



following the principle of Late night American shows, The Kotbi Tonight takes place in a Loft in the warm design, where Imad Kotbi receives two or three personalities (stars, artists, celebrity comedians, singers, writers, journalists, sportsmen) generally to promote their current events and so he evokes, with his guests their career and their anecdotes.
Imad starts his evening with a monologue, where he reviews, in a funny way, the current events of the week.
Kotbi Tonight is full of other sections as:
Oulad Darb: a promotion of the young artists
In front of public: where the guest will have to answer the questions of the public present.
And full of other surprises.
Imad surrounds himself with commentators and a humorist team having their section, speaking in the middle of the interviews of the guests, with recurring characters. Among them:
– The friend pot of glue
– The caretaker of the building
– The old grumpy neighbor who does not stop complaining about the noise,
In the team ” KOTBI TONIGHT “, no tie, but the relaxed tone, the jokes which come from all sides, the possibility of drinking its coffee or to order a dish. ” In brief, the normal life of a tenant who receives friends! “


  1. يوسف says:

    أحسن برنامج على شدى تي في، قطبي إنك متميز، استمر.

  2. redone JAD says:

    KHoya imad ana wlit mbli bi chada bghit tjib lina youness boulmani plls

  3. Abdelghafour says:

    Abdelghafour mn kech brina kader japouni Et merci



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